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What is Evangelism?

‘Evangelism’ is defined as “the preaching of the gospel with the intention of exposing God’s love to all mankind through Jesus Christ”.

While this sounds like a task a preacher or minister would undertake, the Bible states that all of us, regardless of title or calling, are to share the Good News.
Often times, the act of evangelism paints a picture that it is a group or church event.  In reality, Christians should not only be sharing the Good News but also living evangelistic lifestyles—that is, lives that communicate, through demonstration,  the goodness and grace of God.
(1) Source:  Evangelism – Wikipedia, accessed May 2017.

Evangelism’ is simply sharing the Good News (the Gospel) that Jesus came, died as a sacrifice for the sin of all humanity, and rose again giving us access to abundant LIFE.

fbkads-iconHow to Share the Good News

There are many ways to share the Good News.  While we don’t want to say that there is a wrong way to share, we must acknowledge that some tactics can be abrasive and off-putting, which is contrary to the message of Christ.  Because of that, we recommend following Jesus’ example.

socialicon-3Follow Jesus’ example

The first thing we notice about Jesus’ evangelism style was that Jesus sought out people where they were actively engaged in life.  Still today, Jesus calls people where they are and says “follow Me!”.

Jesus isn’t asking people to add Him to their lives (as is done with religion); Jesus is asking people to come out from—as if to divest interest in—one’s life and immerse themselves into His.  For those who choose to follow Him by faith,  Jesus promises abundant life, peace of mind, freedom from darkness and many other powerful benefits.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus demonstrates how He practiced reaching the masses:

  • Jesus found people where they were
  • He spoke to them in their own language
  • He gave them a new sense of significance

“As Jesus passed on from there, He saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax office.  And He said to him, ‘Follow Me.'” Matthew 9:9

Today, God is moving His people from a place of ISOLATION (only ministering the message of hope to church attendees) to INFLUENCE (actively reaching out to unbelievers to minister God’s love).  Jesus’ example shows that the Lost are not to be avoided or condemned.  We, as Christians, are to be compassionate and moved with the same love Jesus exhibits for us.

No matter what a person has done, what they believe, their lifestyle choice, their social standing, their political views…Jesus died for the salvation of  ALL so we could be made right with Him.

How do YOU share the Good News?

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